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SoCal Innovation CoastTM

The SoCal Innovation Coast cluster spans from Thousand Oaks in the south, to San Luis Obispo in the north, with its focal point in the City of Goleta with the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet and the UC Santa Barbara Office of Technology & Industry Alliances (UCSB TIA).

The Santa Barbara area is one of the nicest place where one would want to live and grow a business. The partnership between the City of Goleta, University of California Santa Barbara and the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce had set the stage for entrepreneurs with the GEM, and partnering now with the West Coast Entrepreneurial Alliance opens up a very promising perpespective for global outreach" says Doug Lynch, Executive Director of the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet (GEM). "I witnessed the birth of the WCE Alliance since Hervé started promoted his vision of it in the summer of 2014, and I'm very impressed with his accomplishment so far.  All of us here are looking forward developing further our collaboration, and help growing the economy through bilateral collaboration with foreign innovation clusters.”.

"For more than 60 years, the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce has celebrated the Goleta Valley. From the beautiful parks and beaches, thriving businesses and excellent educational system, it is no wonder Goleta is a great place to live, work and play." says David Hunt, Director of Business Development at the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce. "The launch of the GEM in April 2013 was already very exciting event for us, and this collaboration with the WCE Alliance will undoubtedly help put us on the global map of entrepreneurship, for the benefit of all.".

"The Central Coast, centered on Santa Barbara, combines creativity and opportunities in a high profile environment, providing access to research and technology transfer from both the UCSB TIA and the UCLA Westwood Technology Transfer in Los Angeles." says Hervé Auch-Roy, Founder and Executive Director of the West Coast Entrepreneurial Alliance.  "I have no doubt that this emerging cluster will draw a lot of attention from abroad as we lead its promotion for an even better visibility on a global scale, and the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet speaks out its purpose through its very name: a magneting gem for entrepreneurs."



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