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The West Coast Entrepreneurial Alliance goal is to foster talents and opportunities among a well balanced entrepreneurial ecosystem, for the benefit of job growth and the regional economy.

From VISION ...

Our vision is that entrepreneurship is never a solo venture, but rather a valuable combination and sharing of experience among the entrepreneurial community, for the benefits of the whole economy and job creation.

...to MISSION ...

Our mission is to foster inter-cluster exchanges and partnerships in innovation and entrepreneurship among California clusters and with European regions, tied to Business Development for larger market opportunities.


Our action takes place in the field, promoting and working with Research Centers, Universities, Incubators, Accelerators, Economic Development Industries and their Target Industries, conducting:

  • Technology Watch
  • Education and Coaching
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Support to Immersion and Relocation


The WCE Alliance's global outreach strategy builds on Initiatives made along Pillars:


The WCE Alliance aims at gathering all players of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, bringing along a wealth of value for each one of them:


  • Increase attractiveness to startups and investors through increased visibility and success stories
  • Increase revenue with additional hosted startups
  • Increase cost effectiveness through increased real estate occupancy
  • Increase reputation through increased hosted startups concept validation and success rate


  • Increase attractiveness to investors with broader market opportunity potential through partnerships
  • Increase concept validation with inter-cluster networking
  • Increase valuation through increased market opportunities
  • Increase survival rate through better preparation for domestic and international markets


  • Increase return on investment through higher rate of startup and incubator success
  • Identify potential early mergers and acquisition through broader exposure
  • Increase startups valuation through increased market opportunities

RESEARCH CENTER (Technology Licensing)

  • Increase research center’s visibility and attractiveness
  • Broaden research visibility, facilitating resale of licenses


  • Increase attractiveness to investors and entrepreneurs through higher visibility and success stories
  • Attract additional startups and help convert them into profitable business, in support of GDP and job growth
  • Increasing tax revenue
  • Increase regional attractiveness through networking and success stories
  • Increase adjacent markets economic benefits linked to increased activity


  • Consulting: Our consulting services address both small companies and startups in technology, management, organization, marketing, business development and funding.
  • Entrepreneurship education (“pre-incubation”): We join forces with Colleges and Universities on both sides of the Atlantic to identify and train those individuals and teams who have the potential to start their own venture.
  • Coaching and Consulting: Leveraging our dual culture, we guide and support these entrepreneurs promoting their solution to investors and potential partners (domestic and international).
  • Synergy identification: our “Match It!” online tool allows for identifying potential synergy among Startups, Incubators, and Research Centers on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Immersion & Acceleration: Our Immersion Program is an end-to-end service, organizing transportation, lodging, facilities, and funding assistance for immersion in local incubators, facilitating cross-culture and cross-technology pollination.
  • Business Development: We provide support and guidance for startup and small companies to develop their channels (Sales, Distribution, Partnerships, Support).
  • Relocation: Should you decide to relocate your company and your family, our network is here to assist you all allong.
  • Promotion: Our regular webcasts will allow you promoting your solution to a worldwide audience.

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Whether you think “I can’t do it”, have an idea, are in the midst of the action, or need to further develop your business, you’ll find here the program that will provide you the tools that you need to go to that next step.

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This program will dissolve your fear of, and shed light on entrepreneurship, making you realize that you can actually do it ... because that's what you do already.

Still skeptical?  Take the test here.


You have an idea, and you want to bring it to life. This is the place for you.

Nothing to do with a boring recipe. This program will take you through the steps of launching your own venture.

You will learn to avoid the pitfalls as you will be put in situation and exercise your thinking.


You are in the midst of the action, and you keep thinking “We should be able to do better on this”.

This program will help you take a step back, identify, and correct all of those things that prevent you from reaching out to the next step.

There is no such thing as a problem,

but rather an Opportunity for a Solution

… and it’s right here in this section.

Business Development

You have proven your concept and are ready to deploy.

The WCE Alliance will help you develop a sound Channel Strategy, and will support you in its implementation.

Immersion & Acceleration

You want to get a better feel of the area, find a partner company, or just get to understand how others work over here?

This program will take care of the whole thing, from helping you identify the location, set up transportation and housing, to bringing you where you will thrive among your foreign peers.


You've made up your mind to opening an office down here, and possibly move over.

Among the resources of the WCE Alliance are affordable office space, housing for you, your family and your employees, schools, colleges and universities, insurances, and everything that revolves around a relocation.


The Startup’s Success Potential

  • A potentially successful startup core team is always made of individuals with the following traits:

- They each have a proven specific skill (either technical, management, business, or financial)

- These skills are all applicable to their target market

- They each have a proven track record of taking risk and initiative

- They each still have the willingness to be coached and guided

- Together, they make a trustful team

  • Successful startup companies have the ability to maintain their focus while being open to partnerships.

By fostering inter-cluster talent exchanges, coaching and mentoring, the WCE Alliance helps startup and small companies reach their full potential, increasing their survival rate and their valuation as they keep growing.




The West Coast Entrepreneurial Alliance will rely on membership fees, on the funding provided by its sponsors and partners, and on service fees in order to run its operations.

We are pleased however to provide our visitors with free material that give an idea of the services that we offer and their value added.

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